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Thu nhập năm 2018 của Tư vấn viên Việt Nam:

- Cao nhất: 1,257,159,325 VND

- Thấp nhất: 105,000 VND

- Trung bình:: 24,525,670 VND


Sau đây là thông tin thu nhập theo danh hiệu tham khảo của Tư vấn viên Mỹ, những người đạt đánh giá nhận hoa hồng trong năm 2015 (tức là, các TVV đang hoạt động).


The income statistics above are for all U.S. IPCs who were eligible to earn commissions during 2015 (i.e., active IPCs). In 2015, 57.49% of all active IPCs did not receive any commissions. IPCs who received no commissions are comprised of IPC accounts that are inactive but have not yet been closed due to inactivity, IPCs whose customer base and downline sales organization purchased product in amounts that did not qualify them to earn commission payments, and IPCs who did not generate sales volume by building a customer base or downline sales organization and thus are primarily customers, not business builders.


These figures do not include retail profits earned by IPCs from reselling Morinda products, nor do they represent IPC profits, as they do not consider expenses incurred by Morinda IPCs in the promotion of their businesses.


Car bonuses were earned by 0.6% of all active IPCs/1.5% of all active IPCs who earned commissions. Travel benefits were awarded to 0.4% of all active IPCs/1.0% of all IPCs who earned commissions.


*The average time it took for our nearly 300 IPCs to achieve a million dollars in commissions is 7 years; the shortest time was 6 months.


We hope this gives you a general idea of the income opportunity available to Morinda IPCs. Individual income results may vary depending on skill and effort. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income, and these figures should not be regarded as a guarantee or projection of actual earnings. Successful sales efforts require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Individual IPC success will depend on how effectively you demonstrate these qualities.