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에센셜오일 리커버 블렌드

에센셜오일 리커버 블렌드
TN 에센셜오일 리커버 블렌드 15ml
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One day, my daughter told me that she had a muscle discomfort in her leg. I knew that the Recover Blend worked well for muscle discomfort, so I mixed it with the Therapy Gel and applied it to her leg.  Within 30 seconds, my daughter told me that she felt better. -Rika Y.

Recover Blend is one of my favorites. When I am feeling tired after using the computer and smartphone for a long time, I will add one or two drops of Recover Blend on my necks and shoulders, and it provides instant relief. Now I put it in my bag and bring it with me wherever I go. It is tiny but powerful! -Queenie T.S.C.

I added Recover Blend to a tub of warm and had my husband soak his tired feet for about 20 minutes. It relaxed and invigorated the muscles and he was able to sleep through the night. -Qiong H.

Recover Blend is amazing! The results from using Recover Blend were so fast. When I camp, rock climb, mountain bike, kayak, or really do anything, Recover Blend will always be with me. -Kevin F.


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