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에센셜오일 에너자이즈 블렌드

에센셜오일 에너자이즈 블렌드
TN 에센셜오일 에너자이즈 블렌드 15ml
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Energize was great to help give me extra energy needed for an afternoon when I was tired. -Nola P.

I love the energize blend. I put it on my temples and under my nose for a boost of energy. I especially use it when I have to meet clients after lunch. I put it in my pocket and take it with me every day. -Dabie N.

When I was worn-out both physically and mentally after busy days or work, I applied a drop of the Energize Blend behind the ears. Surprisingly enough, it made me get energized again.  The Energize Blend works as its name suggests! -Takako Y.

After using Energize Blend I had more energy and I was able to complete my daily duties faster and more effectively. -Nagy Z.

I used to drink coffee to refresh myself, now I use Energize Blend. I put Energize on my temples, neck, and shoulder area to give myself a lift. -Hsin-Wen K.


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