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에센셜오일 릴리프 블렌드

에센셜오일 릴리프 블렌드
TN 에센셜오일 릴리프 블렌드 15ml
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Six months ago, my friend mentioned using the Relief Tahitian Noni Essential Oil to help with the pressure I experience in my head and neck on a regular basis. I was a little skeptical--I'm not a huge believer of essential oils. However, I took her advice and it's helped so much. Not only does it have a wonderful cooling sensation, but the minty scent smells fabulous. With those combined, it helps my head feel so much better. It's a wonderful product that helps temporarily relieve my tension. -Rachel H.

I often experience head and neck tension. I decided to try Tahitian Noni Relief blend. I used the oil as recommended, and felt improvement after about 30 minutes. After a few hours I repeated the treatment, and it worked! The next day I repeated the process and had the same great effect as the day before. -Inger F.

I have a stressful job. It's a daily struggle that I gives me tension in my head and the back of my neck. Now that I have tried the Relief blend, I won't stop using it! I put a few drops of the Relief blend on my forehead, temples, and the back of my neck and have really felt a difference. I'm a huge believer in the Relief Blend. -Wendy F.

My daughter wasn't feeling herself, so she decided to try out the Relief Blend that I gave her. It helped her to focus and relax. The Relief Blend works so well! -Willola G.


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