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에센셜오일 브레스 블렌드

에센셜오일 브레스 블렌드
TN 에센셜오일 브레스 블렌드 15ml
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I use the Tahitian Noni Essential Breathe Oil to open my airways, and to snore less at night. It works perfectly. Apply it to the skin on your neck and under your nose, and enjoy the wonderful aromatic scent. -Kenneth P.

Breathe was so effective in helping with easy breathing. -Nola P.

A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed wanting to go to sleep, but I had trouble sleeping. I decided to try the Tahitian Noni Essential Oil Breathe Blend. I placed a drop on my finger and rubbed the blend on my skin under my nose and on my neck as advised in the booklet.   After that, I put my head on my pillow and I could smell the wonderful essential oils and was able to sleep peacefully. -Sara M.

I use the Breathe Blend.  I drop it on my pillow and in the bathtub, directly apply it on the tip of my nose, jaw, or neck. It really makes breathing easier. -Erika H.

Breathe helped me sleep all night and all right.  A single drop in the pillow changed the atmosphere of the bedroom. -Alicia N.


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