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5‑Day Detox

Morinda's innovative TruAge Core products each work in their own unique way to help you live younger, longer. Everyone should experience these products for themselves, and it's never been easier to do so than right now thanks to the 5-Day Detox.

  • TruAge Max reduces AGE levels in the body by up to 24%
  • Sugar Stop reduces the amount of sugar (a key component to AGE formation) absorbed by the body
  • Rapid Fuel helps build lean muscle, which has been shown to burn sugar and reduce AGEs
  • AGE Therapy Gel reduces AGE formation in the skin, helping it look younger

And these four products help deliver additional health benefits as well. Discover how great it feels to look, live and feel younger, longer.

TruAge 5 Day Detox
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My love for Morinda's TruAge Core is second to none.  For me, Morinda's products have been what I like to call 'a blessing in a bottle.' Today I'm THANKFUL for life anew, and I'm thankful to be able to assist others in achieving their goals as well. No greater joy have I than that of using each day allotted to impact the lives of others for the better!! I genuinely love to see lives changed! I love this mission!! Thank you Morinda Inc. -Ra-Chell T.