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New Age Beverages Corporation celebrates launch of CBD line

2019-04-25 | Morinda Communications
New Age Beverages Corporation, the Colorado and Utah-based organic and natural beverage company intending to become the world's leading healthy beverages and lifestyles company, today announced the global launch of their CBD product portfolio, with the unveiling of their line and shipment of their CBD creams, lotions, and oils to be sold worldwide under its Health Sciences Division.
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Morinda announces an expansion of the New Age Beverage Stock Incentive Program to now include all Jade-level IPCs

2019-02-08 | Morinda Communications
We are pleased to announce the expansion of the New Age Stock program to now include all Jade-level Independent Product Consultants (IPCs). Due to the unprecedented demand for expansion of the program, and in response to the feedback and recommendations of our IPC leaders from around the world, the decision was made to expand the program such that more of our system and valued partners could participate in the financial upside of our great company. 
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Morinda Announces Global Expansion of Noni + Collagen Beverage Following Record Sales Results in Initial Markets

2019-01-30 | Morinda Communications
Morinda today announced the global expansion of its Noni + Collagen product, following achievement of over $4 million in revenue in its first two months in initial test markets.
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