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Morinda Access is the home of growing and emerging markets. We can help you expand your business internationally as we make it possible for people to enroll, place orders and receive commissions in many markets where Morinda does not yet have an office. Most of Morinda’s biggest markets were originally established using this model, and countless Independent Product Consultants (IPCs) have experienced enormous success with Morinda Access. That success continues today as we operate in more than 50 growing markets--and counting!

Operation Models

Morinda Access uses two operational models. "In-Country Inventory" markets have product on hand in the market with third party importers and are referred to as DOWs (Distributor Operated Warehouses). DAISY (DOW As Importer System) markets are those where the DOWs source their products from other markets like the U.S., U.A.E., etc. If you would like to learn about becoming a DOW, visit the Enrollment Page.

Both models use the DOW system for enrollments, product purchasing, and commissions distribution.

Expand Your Business

If you are an IPC that would like to grow your business in one of our markets, we have included a brief summary of how to do so.

  1. Read the document describing "How to do Business" in the country where you would like to grow your business. These documents can be found on the Markets page of this website after you log into your account.
  2. After familiarizing yourself with the market, contact a DOW in that country and verify that they are willing and able to serve potential members of your downline. A list of DOW options can be found after logging into your account.
  3. Once a DOW has agreed to service your growth in his/her market, work with that DOW to enroll that new IPC. This can be done by visiting the Enrollment Page

For any of our markets, please email any questions to

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