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Rapid Fuel 5‑Day Burn

Rapid Fuel is not your typical protein supplement, and the best way to discover that is to try it for yourself. That's where Rapid Fuel 5-Day Burn comes in. Containing a five-day supply of Rapid Fuel, it provides the following benefits:

  • Lean muscle development, shown to burn sugar and keeps glucose levels healthy even when the body is at rest
  • Lower AGE levels
  • Patent-pending delivery system, which delivers protein quickly and allows Rapid Fuel to be taken before, during or after workouts
  • Natural energy boost

5-Day Burn: 5 .84 oz Packets

TruAge Rapid Fuel 5 Day Burn Single
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In the afternoon when my energy is about to run out but I still got to do some work, I make a Rapid Fuel shake. I take a few sips and it is amazing how the energy comes back. Doing some extra work feels so much easier now thanks to Rapid Fuel! -Unni H.

I just LOVE the Rapid Fuel, it is AWESOME! it is  one of those products that has hit the mark with me. I  love the taste and I feel  so much better after drinking it. -Sarah M.

My husband and I noticed that, once we started using Rapid Fuel, we have more energy and better muscle mass. When we run out we notice the difference in our energy levels. -Delma H.

I play basketball during my lunchbreak 2-3 times a week. I'm not much a breakfast eater and a few years ago I started really feeling weak while playing basketball. On the other hand, if I eat a big breakfast, then I sometimes feel nauseated and weighed down when I play. With Rapid Fuel I've found the perfect solution. I can eat a small breakfast in the morning and drink Rapid Fuel while I play and I feel great. I've never experienced a product that gives me as much noticeable, healthy, immediate energy like Rapid Fuel. It's incredible. -Scott F.