Our mission to help people live younger, longer through AGE awareness firmly cements our position as innovators and leaders in the health supplement industry. Our TrūAge destiny is propelling us into the future while simultaneously earning us a place in history.

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What makes Morinda products the “Earth’s Best”?
Morinda has benefitted millions of people around the world. Find out how.

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Morinda's Service Celebration
Keeping up with their 20-year tradition of giving back, Morinda celebrated their recent anniversary with a corporate service project that benefitted several organizations within the surrounding community.
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Morinda's 20th Anniversary
As Morinda celebrates their 20th year in bsuiness, it is clear that the company remains young at heart with continual opportunities for growth and expansion.
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Morinda TruAge Sugar Stop

TruAge Sugar Stop is a one-of-a-kind, unique blend of natural ingredients intended to fight fat, cholesterol and the formation of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products).


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2015-01-29 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 29 January 2015 - Morinda's continued growth is exhibited by the opening of two new offices: a team and business development center in Orlando, Florida and a new country headquarters in Santiago, Chile.READ MORE

2015-01-21 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, UT - 21 January 2015 - A new study published in the International Journal of Food Science found that consumption of iridoid-rich foods results in a reduction in AGE levels.READ MORE

2015-01-06 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 6 January 2015 - TrūAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel continues to impress beauty bloggers, most recently being featured on popular blogs such as Beauty Tidbits, My Highest Self and Painted Ladies.READ MORE

2014-12-19 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 19 December 2014 - Morinda's TrūAge Sugar Stop was recently featured on Florida's FOX 4 News morning show, "The Morning Blend", as part of their "Gifts That Keep on Giving" segment.READ MORE

2014-12-10 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 10 December 2014 - Morinda's TrūAge message continues to expand globally, most recently, drawing crowds at the Providencia Tennis Tournament in Santiago, Chile, where hundreds were scanned by the TrūAge Scanner.READ MORE

2014-12-03 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 3 December 2014 - A Morinda-sponsored article discussing finding the perfect gifts for loved ones has been picked up by over 1,000 online media outlets, including large publications such as the San Francisco Gate and the Houston Chronicle.READ MORE

2014-11-26 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 26 November 2014 - AGE awareness continues to increase, most recently, with the help of a new study released by the University of California San Francisco that links sugary soda consumption to cell aging.  Director of Research at Morinda and advisory board member of the A.G.E Foundation, Dr. Brett West, recently spoke with Byrdie.com about the study and is featured in an article that discusses the dangers of soda. READ MORE

2014-11-21 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 21 November 2014 - TrūAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel continues to make its mark on the international media, recently landing a placement in Tara, the largest women's magazine in Norway.READ MORE

2014-11-19 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 19 November 2014 - TrūAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel was recently featured on BeautyUndercover.com, a popular beauty website that gives the inside scoop on the best beauty products and treatments in the industry.READ MORE

2014-11-13 | Morinda Public Relations
PROVO, Utah - 13 November 2014 - As part of its ongoing efforts to support its local and foreign communities, Morinda was honored to open its doors recently to BYU-Hawaii and LDS Philanthropies for their annual Hui Ohana Luau.READ MORE

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