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Cyber Monday Starts Now

2017-11-27 | North America Sales Team
Cyber Monday at Morinda is full of amazing and money saving deals! Check it out now.
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TeMana Lips LTO Launches Today

2017-11-20 | North American Sales Team
We're excited to announce that TeMana Lips is live today, and what a product it is. Many beauty products are made from an ugly amalgamation of synthetic products that harm the skin. Despite the aesthetic they provide, general beauty products can be dangerous to the health of your skin. TeMana's unique blend of all-natural ingredients shirks this trend. By combining the finest ingredients the earth has to offer, TeMana provides a world-wide array of health benefits to your skin without any of the drawbacks to the health or beauty of your skin.
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Get the Feel for TeMana

2017-11-14 | North America Sales Team
Everybody looks great with TeMana Lips. That much you can see, but do you know how TeMana Lips feels? 
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The TeMana Lip Experience

2017-11-09 | North America Sales Team
Each step in our TeMana Lip line will help you acheive the perfect look. Follow these three steps to younger, healthier lips!
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TeMana Lip Treatment is already a big hit

2017-11-02 | North American Sales Team
Take a peek at how much TeMana Lips users are raving about the upcoming TeMana Lip Treatment. Once you've read up you'll want to try it yourself, and we're happy to oblige.
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TeMana is scary good

2017-10-31 | North American Sales Team
Nothing haunts like Halloween, but signs of aging can unnerve like the creepiest of clowns. From age spots to spidery lines, aging can crawl under your skin sooner than you ever expect, making you feel as unlucky as a black cat. What can you do? Stave off the spooks with a hearty dose of noni seed extract and noni leaf, two powerful TeMana ingredients that combat the frights and fits of aging skin.
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TeMana to the rescue

2017-10-26 | North American Sales Team
The sun may not shine as long as Fall chills into Winter, but with the TeMana Brightening System, your skin never needs to stop glowing. Infused with the power of Noni Seed Oil, TeMana products fight off the doldrums of dry months by providing deep, cleansing moisture in your face that people are sure to notice. Our IPCs have noticed this, have you?
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Noni Seed Oil – The Secret behind TeMana

2017-10-25 | North American Sales Team
Since the first samples were distributed, TeMana has been beautifying skin all around the world. With regular use, TeMana brightens the skin and provides a deep, fulfilling moisture able to stand up to any environment. If you've read about TeMana before, you've heard this same, strung-out jazz, and while it's true, do you know why the inclusion of noni puts our beauty products a cut above the rest? Let's take a look at Noni Seed Oil-the secret behind TeMana.
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Our Friends and Family sale is now live!

2017-10-20 | Matt Hodge
Today is a BIG day. After all, how often can you find 20 different great products on sale for 20 percent off? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on at Morinda starting today, thanks to our Friends and Family sale!
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TeMana Lips—for her

2017-10-17 | North American Sales Team
Winter is coming, are you ready? While you may enjoy the festive fall colors turning trees from green to a beautiful array of autumn splendor, your skin may not feel so great. The downturn of moisture dries your body from head to toe in the waning months of the year, making skincare a top priority. TeMana to the rescue.
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