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Instead, our theme for 2018 is a celebration of all things Tahiti and all things noni, both old and new.</p> <p>And there's no better representation for the new than our <a target="_blank" title="TeMana" href="/94309/en-us/shop/Noni_Temana">TeMana-brand Noni Brightening line</a>. Ten high-end products provide everything one could need for smooth, radiant skin: cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation and more. We've seen remarkable results from customers, and look forward to seeing even more (share your before-and-after photos at <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Results" href="https://morinda.com/temanaresults">temanaresults.com</a> for a chance to win free product).</p> <p>And those results wouldn't be possible without the power of noni. Amazing, isn't it, that we can still find new ways to tap into the power of noni to benefit people's lives after all these years? It's as if noni has a never-ending list of benefits and applications, whether consumed or applied topically. Each element of the noni tree offers fantastic benefits, whether it's the fruit, seed or leaf. It's no wonder we chose the name TeMana, as it means "powerful gift" in Tahitian.</p> <p>Of course, gifts aren't meant to be hoarded, but to be shared with others. We want people all over the world to experience TeMana for themselves. We want them to be Tahitian Noni Strong.</p> Will you be Tahitian Noni Strong in 2018? ]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Tahitian Noni Juice: From Tree to Bottle]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5244932/Tahitian Noni Juice: From Tree to Bottle</link> <pubDate>Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:00:00 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/Noni Thumbnail.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5244932/Tahitian Noni Juice: From Tree to Bottle</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Find out how Morinda's flagship product is made</i></p> <p><i><img alt="Tahitian Noni Juice: From tree to bottle" width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/main.png" /></i></p> <p>Have you ever wondered how <a target="_blank" title="Tahitian Noni Juice" href="/94309/en-us/shop/4465402#product&pid=134">Tahitian Noni Juice</a> is made? The Tahitian Noni Juice production process is something we at Morinda are extremely proud of. Morinda is the only noni company in the world to own every step of the process, from tree to bottle, which means nothing moves forward until it meets our high standards of quality.</p> <p>This post is here to introduce you to this magnificent process, and answer any questions you might have about the world's most popular noni product.  </p> <p>Before we begin, though, we'd like to introduce you to the noni fruit. Noni fruit comes from the <i>Morinda Citrifolia</i> tree, and is a member of the coffee family. It grows abundantly in tropical climates, and especially on the tropical islands of French Polynesia. Its clean air, crystal clear water and nutrient-rich volcanic soil make French Polynesia the perfect place to grow big, beautiful, healthy noni fruit trees.</p> <p><img alt="Noni trees" height="500" width="500" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/th.png" /></p> <p>The fruit grows year round and has such a pungent odor that it is commonly referred to as cheese fruit. This plant has been a staple in French Polynesia for thousands of years. It is prized for food and also medicinal purposes.</p> <p>The steps for processing the noni fruit into Tahitian Noni Juice is not a simple task. It requires time and dedication to perfect this popular product.</p> <p><img alt="harvested noni" height="450" width="500" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/harvested_noni.png" /></p> <p><strong>Harvesting</strong></p> <p>Morinda hires native Tahitians to grow and harvest the noni fruit. Each noni farmer works with extreme care and takes great pride in their crop. None of the noni trees are treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and each noni fruit is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. Once the fruit is picked, each one is washed and inspected again to ensure the highest quality product.</p> <p><img alt="Noni harvesters" height="450" width="500" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/harvestors.png" /></p> <p><strong>Processing </strong></p> <p>Harvesters pack the fruit into drums and ship them to Morinda's processing plant in Mataiea, the administrative center of the Teva I Uta commune on the island of Tahiti.</p> <p>It should be said that Morinda has a wonderful relationship with the government of French Polynesia. Our investment in their community was put on display when we signed a long-term lease with the French Polynesian government to build and run our plant in Tahiti. This state-of-the-art facility employs many local Tahitians and processes all of the noni elements: the puree, leaf, and seed.</p> <p><img alt="Tahiti noni facility" height="450" width="500" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/tahiti_building.png" /></p> <p>Morinda is a huge innovator when it comes to utilizing the noni fruit to its maximum potential. We are the only company that uses every element of the noni: fruit, leaf and seed. Regarding the noni seed, Morinda's patented process of extracting oil, as well as our tremendous access to seeds (it takes 50,000 seeds to make just one ounce of oil!) means Morinda is the only company in the world that can produce this precious product.</p> <p>For Tahitian Noni Juice, workers start with the noni fruit. They put it into the finisher to turn the fruit into puree by taking out all the other pieces such as seeds, stems, etc. They inspect the fruit again to guarantee the rich quality.</p> <p><strong>Pasteurization </strong></p> <p>Workers pasteurize the puree and store it according to FDA standards since the USDA considers unpasteurized fruit dangerous. The product is then pasteurized again in each bottling facility. Multi-step pasteurization is crucial, and Morinda's proprietary pasteurization process means our product is safe to consume, while it maintains the nutritional integrity of noni.</p> <p>Our Tahitian processing facility then tests the noni once again to for ripeness and acidity levels. Then, it is sent out for shipping. Depending where the factory ships the product, it takes about three weeks for the product from Tahiti to arrive in the United States.</p> <p><strong>Manufacturing </strong></p> <p>When Morinda's manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Japan and Germany receive the product from our Tahitian processing facility, they immediately release the puree into production to turn it into Tahitian Noni Juice.</p> <p>First, mixing machines add a proprietary blend of grape and blueberry juice to the noni puree for taste and added antioxidants. Then the mixture is poured into the pasteurizer again after the grape and blueberry blend is added to guarantee safety. A 36-head rotary filler pours juice into bottles as fast as 122 bottles per minute, and workers package the bottles to ship to satisfied customers around the globe.</p> <p><strong>Our Company </strong></p> <p>Morinda is the noni company. Nobody knows noni like us. Morinda owns the largest noni research facility in the world, and we are constantly making new and exciting discoveries about this miracle of nature every day. Morinda's researchers have published dozens of studies in peer-reviewed journals, and have conducted numerous human clinical trials to learn all they can about noni. Morinda is dedicated to noni, and will make sure this product will stand the test of time.</p> <p><img alt="noni scientists" height="450" width="500" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/dv/dv1sbyXiLRqWK8q4xohg/scientists.png" /></p> <p>Tahitian Noni Juice is the No. 1 noni product sold worldwide, and it's partly due to the extreme care we put into each step of the process. Our food scientists and product designers developed the process and recipe over 21 years ago, and we know it is a winner from all of the glowing reviews and compliments we receive from first-time and repeat customers.</p> What is your experience with Tahitian Noni Juice? How long have you been drinking it and what benefits have you seen? Tell us your story in the comments below!]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Kelly Olsen talks Tahitian Noni Strong]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5995495/Kelly Olsen talks Tahitian Noni Strong</link> <pubDate>Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:13:30 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/q3/q3QvcspQmJFWhZIcYyR8/Kelly Olsen Tahiti thumbnail.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5995495/Kelly Olsen talks Tahitian Noni Strong</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Kelly Olsen shares an experience he had in Tahiti a number of years ago</i></p> <p><i><img alt="Kelly Olsen" width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/q3/q3QvcspQmJFWhZIcYyR8/Kelly Olsen Tahiti.jpg" /></i></p> <p>Our theme for 2018 is <a target="_blank" title="Tahitian Noni Strong" href="/94309/en-us/news/5914864/tahitian-noni-strong">Tahitian Noni Strong</a>. Last month, Morinda Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Olsen shared some experiences he had on a trip to Tahiti. He talked about the incredible people and rich culture of French Polynesia. All of these experiences led Morinda to embrace the theme of Tahitian Noni Strong. </p> <p><img alt="Tahiti" width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/q3/q3QvcspQmJFWhZIcYyR8/Kelly Olsen 1.jpg" /></p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{168}" paraid="209946841">Here's his story:  </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{186}" paraid="757438788">"I went on a trip to the Marquesas Islands in 2004. I had an interesting experience that happened to me on the island of Hiva 'Oa near the town of Atuona.  </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{192}" paraid="376804488">While I was there, a pickup truck came around the corner of the road and stopped right in front of us. The driver of that pickup truck recognized me and stopped. He introduced himself to us as Francis Bennett. </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{192}" paraid="376804488"><img alt="Kelly Olsen Tahiti" width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/q3/q3QvcspQmJFWhZIcYyR8/Kelly Olsen 3.jpg" /></p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{204}" paraid="936369198">Frances was one of the first people in the Marquesas Islands to help us harvest noni. He is a true pioneer and visionary. I actually had the opportunity to stay at his home on a previous trip to Hiva O'a. We became good friends then, and seeing him on this day was amazing!  </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{210}" paraid="1010737685"><img style="margin: 5px 10px; float: right;" alt="Noni harvesting" height="336" width="450" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/q3/q3QvcspQmJFWhZIcYyR8/Kelly Olsen 4.jpg" />Frances invited us to go to his house again. He showed us his noni operation. He had converted a large property next to his house to receive and sort the noni fruit, getting it ready to ship to Tahiti. </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{214}" paraid="1239212930">We had a very emotional experience together as he explained to me that at that time, everyone in his village was involved in our noni project. He explained to me that the Tahitians, and particularly the people of the Marquesas, feel that noni is their gift to the world. They love Morinda. They view Morinda as the way that their noni was offered to the world.  </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{224}" paraid="974180592">I've been all around the world to tell people about <a target="_blank" title="Tahitian Noni Juice" href="/94309/en-us/shop/tahitian_noni_juice/Tahitian_Noni_Juice">Tahitian Noni Juice</a>. My vision began in 1996 and has grown steadily every year. I've seen the miracle of the perfect/private partnership that exists between Morinda and French Polynesia.  </p> <p paraeid="{bd0a6a60-56ad-43a0-b845-41147e018b7b}{233}" paraid="841765233">We have a very ambitious goal this year to complete a massive global outreach for Tahitian Noni. The theme Tahitian Noni Strong is our inspiration. Our goal is to reach 100 million new people with the news and blessing of Tahitian Noni and we want you to join our outreach! Learn more about Tahitian Noni on our website Morinda.com."</p>]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[A Tribute to Ken Roland]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5979061/A Tribute to Ken Roland</link> <pubDate>Mon, 05 Feb 2018 10:41:42 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/Hr/HrMUEtq7qPHhSdX9NYAp/Untitled design (24).png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5979061/A Tribute to Ken Roland</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><img src="https://morinda.com/filestores/Hr/HrMUEtq7qPHhSdX9NYAp/kenroland.jpg" style="vertical-align: middle;" height="668" width="525" /></p> <p> </p> <p>Our very good friend and partner, Ken Roland, passed away late last week. I wanted to share this news with you personally, so I can give him a proper tribute to our entire Morinda Family. Many of you, perhaps, have never met Ken.</p> <p>When we began Morinda in 1996, we started with four handpicked leaders who would begin four separate legs in our company. Those four were Ken Roland, Floyd Holdman, Gary Wilson and Mark Rose/Dru White. Gary Wilson and Mark Rose/Dru White later merged so we ended up with three legs. Literally every IPC in the world is under one of these leaders. Ken Roland's worldwide organization has always been our largest group. The list of amazing business leaders and builders in Ken's group would be the envy of any company and includes every single market we do business. If you look at a list of our Career Achievers worldwide, the majority of those leaders come from Ken's group.</p> <p>I have known Ken since 1995.  I met him before Morinda began in another company I worked for. He was amazing. He had such enthusiasm for Network Marketing. He viewed it as a way that ordinary people could become financially independent and his passion was infectious. When I made the decision to come to Morinda, I invited Ken to come to Utah to check our Morinda and try TNJ. I remember picking him up at the airport, he was hyper to see this new project we had begun. At that time, we had no furniture, no offices... just a warehouse full of TNJ. That was early June 1996. He committed immediately. Ken called me almost every day as we finalized our plans and developed our compensation plan. Every day I told him of more ideas for the compensation plan he got more and more excited.  </p> <p>At that time, he lived in a trailer house in Oklahoma. On July 1, 1996 the day we opened our doors officially, Ken moved into a motel room in Orem, Utah so he could be close to us as we began. We assigned him a cubical in the call center area. Every day, he would come into the office with a massive binder full of names and contact information, as well as a box full of business cards and hundreds of names written on scraps of paper. He spent every day talking on the phone and faxing information out to these hundreds of contacts. It was amazing to see him work.</p> <p>Ken was a tireless worker. He had a huge vision for Morinda and worked like crazy to make it happen. He had a problem with his back that was very painful for him and prevented him from standing straight. His was one of our first testimonials of TNJ. He drank it every day and told everyone he could of the help it gave to him. I have very fond memories of those early days of Morinda with Ken. He called me 24/7 with ideas and more ideas. He was unstoppable. Ken was an expert Fiddle player. Sometimes when he traveled, he would take his fiddle with him. I remember special times I was with him in his hotel room until late hours talking about Morinda (usually Ken telling me what I should be doing), and listening to him play his fiddle. </p> <p>You may be interested to know that Ken is Morinda's top earner by a wide margin. His success is not totally calculated in dollars though. He was driven, goal oriented and focused. He was devoted to his wife Mary and his children. He was a good friend and a great mentor.</p> <p>Of that original group of leaders that began Morinda's IPC organizations, we have lost Gary Wilson, Floyd Holdman and now Ken Roland. They have all left an indelible mark on our business and gave us the foundation that we are building on today. </p> <p>I hope you will join me in sharing our condolences with Mary Roland and the entire Roland family and Ken's Morinda Family and wish them all the best. We miss Ken and feel the loss. </p> <p> </p> <p>Kelly</p> <p> </p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Make Shopping for Your Valentine Easy with Morinda's Gift Sets]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5976132/Make Shopping for Your Valentine Easy with Morinda's Gift Sets</link> <pubDate>Thu, 01 Feb 2018 15:39:45 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/6K/6K0XEmfGLVbEhEmPzkpy/Ends February 14th.png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5976132/Make Shopping for Your Valentine Easy with Morinda's Gift Sets</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p>If you're like me, you spent an exhausting amount of time coming up with the perfect gift for your sweetheart at Christmastime. Throw in her birthday in January and the cute, endearing gift ideas start to run dry come Valentine's Day, but every good man knows he can't sell his girl short. Save yourself the trouble this year by shopping with Morinda. We've put together a delightful array of gift bundles available until February 14<sup>th</sup>. These curated packages are sure to bring love into your Valentine's Day without any stress or hassle.</p> <p>Make her skin shine like an angel with our Noni Brightening gift bundles that feature luxurious skincare products unlike anything else on the market. We've combined the earth's finest products together with spa day staples so that you can give her the stay-at-home treatment she'll tell her friends about. If you're looking to spend a flashy night out instead, then look no further than our TeMana Nail Polish set that gives her plenty of stylish colors to choose from.</p> <p>For the women out there looking shop for their men, we've got you covered too. The Recover and Burn set, which includes a 5-Day Burn for natural energy boost, is perfect for any active man looking to improve his fitness. The set also comes with our special Recover Rub for cooling and soothing sore joints and muscles. Or, if you just want to relax together, get our special edition Morinda robes, making a day in a day of ultimate comfort.</p> <p>On top of it all, gifting from Morinda gets you full QV/CV on all gift set orders. You'll be building your commissions and your business while sharing your love. <a href="https://morinda.com/en-us/shop/5937141">Start shopping now</a>. The sale ends on February 14<sup>th</sup>.</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Tahitian Noni 101]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5961806/Tahitian Noni 101</link> <pubDate>Fri, 26 Jan 2018 12:49:03 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/0P/0PI60vHDDSbML0WCd42v/exploring.png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5961806/Tahitian Noni 101</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p>Tahitian Noni Juice is the lifeblood of Morinda. It is the drink that built this company and the power that keeps us around 21 years later, but how much do you know about it? The most common questions we get from people who are new to Morinda are about this wonderful product. Let's turn back to the basics and review for a minute the truth behind Tahitian Noni Juice.</p> <p><strong>What Is Tahitian Noni Juice?<br /></strong>A miracle of nature? A fruit juice? A blessing in a bottle? While much is said about this superfruit drink, the best description of Tahitian Noni Juice remains that it is a one-of-a-kind dietary supplement. Made from the finest ingredients on earth, Tahitian Noni Juice promotes wellness to anyone who drinks it, but you don't take it in by the glass. Noni Juice isn't made to be a refreshing fruit drink that you sip on in the summertime at the beach. Noni Juice is made to be taken in small doses every day to encourage consistent health improvement.</p> <p><strong>Where Does Tahitian Noni Juice Come from?<br /></strong>As the name suggests, Tahitian Noni Juice is rooted in Tahiti where the noni fruit is native. Much of our business is headquartered there, but we gather the fruit from pesticide free trees on islands throughout French Polynesia. The tropical climate provides a perfect environment to grow the finest Noni fruit.</p> <p><strong>What Does Tahitian Noni Juice Do?<br /></strong>As a dietary supplement, Tahitian Noni Juice works to improve your body. We could gush about the many clinical studies that document the inner workings of iridoids. We could go on about the many different ways people have been blessed by drinking Noni. We've seen and shown a lot over these 21 years, but these are the basics. Suffice it to say, Tahitian Noni Juice makes your life better.</p> <p>If you want to learn more about Tahitian Noni Juice <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Morinda/videos/1667257600047228/">watch this video</a> that explains these same ideas, and please share these materials with all of those who are new to Morinda or curious about what Noni Juice is and what it can do for them.</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Sharing Tahitian Noni with the World]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5940687/Sharing Tahitian Noni with the World</link> <pubDate>Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:22:02 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/pB/pBZ3XOReJREmMwug5igK/Untitled design (28).png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5940687/Sharing Tahitian Noni with the World</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><img width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/pB/pBZ3XOReJREmMwug5igK/HAZ_9009.jpg" /></p> <p> </p> <p>2017 saw the introduction of TeMana into the growing array of Morinda products. From TruAge to Tahitian Noni Essential Oils and beyond, Morinda products aim to promote quality health from head to toe. In 2018, we'll see the official launch of TeMana Lips. We hope this growth continues unfettered as we bring Noni to the masses. Yet, as we grow, we must not lose sight of what got us here in the first place: Tahitian Noni Juice.</p> <p> </p> <p>This flagship health drink has carried Morinda from a small garage in Utah to a bustling enterprise encompassing the world.  While some wrote Tahitian Noni Juice off as a fad, twenty two years has shown that this is a well proved creation, a commodity that continues to bless the lives of those who use it. This is the staying power that keeps us in business.</p> <p> </p> <p>Even as we roll out the red carpet for product after product-which we will continue to do-remember that TNJ made all this possible.  It's the rhythm to which we beat our drum and the skip in our daily steps. Let's not forget that. Instead, let's celebrate the power of Tahitian Noni Juice and work harder now than ever before to share it with the world.</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Tahitian Noni Strong]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5914864/Tahitian Noni Strong</link> <pubDate>Tue, 09 Jan 2018 10:06:04 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/Lf/LfbkHyZBaZFHDfeUFCnX/Untitled design (23).png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5914864/Tahitian Noni Strong</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p>Happy New Year! The books have been closed on 2017, and now we stand at the precipice of unlimited opportunities in a brand new year. The possibilities are endless; the road ahead is wide open. Now is the perfect time look forward-to assess the direction you'd like to take, the decisions you'd like to make and the vision you have for the immediate future.</p> <p>Here at Morinda, we know exactly what we want the New Year to look like. 2018 is going to be the year of Tahitian Noni. Our theme for 2018 is Tahitian Noni Strong.</p> <p><img width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/Lf/LfbkHyZBaZFHDfeUFCnX/Untitled design (27).png" /></p> <p>Yes, this 2018 will be the year of Tahitian Noni. This year we will remind the world why Tahitian Noni is the king of superfruits, why it has captured the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world, and why it remains the premier product for those who wish to build, maintain and manage a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing in the world like Tahitian Noni. Nothing compares. And this year we're going to proudly wave the Tahitian Noni flag from every rooftop.</p> <p>We are Tahitian Noni Strong.</p> <p>Now is a perfect time to remember who we are and where we came from; it's the perfect time to pay homage to noni-the fruit that caused the world to consider health in a totally different way. As the first "superfruit," Tahitian Noni launched a billion-dollar industry that dared to answer the question, "what if there were safer, more natural ways to manage our health?" When it was launched in 1996, Tahitian Noni Juice was an immediate sensation. Customers eagerly shared Tahitian Noni Juice with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, and everyone in between. The product flew off the shelves, so to speak. And why? Because everyone who used Tahitian Noni Juice had a story to tell. And the stories rang loud and clear, coast to coast! The testimonials were amazing, and our product ambassadors and distributors were inundated with requests for more product.</p> <p>Our 2018 theme, Tahitian Noni Strong, also gives us a chance to recognize the nation of French Polynesia, and specifically the island of Tahiti, as the home of Tahitian Noni Juice and the cradle of Morinda. Nowhere on earth will you find organic, sustainable, free-trade and quality noni fruit as abundantly as on the islands of French Polynesia. We have put our noni fruit up against competing products from cheaper sources time after time, and the results stay the same: Nothing can match the Tahitian Noni fingerprint. Nothing comes close. </p> <p>And speaking of French Polynesia, the Tahitian Noni boom didn't just improve health and lifestyle, it changed the course of that nation. Thanks to Morinda and Tahitian Noni Juice, the incredible demand made noni the nation of French Polynesia's top agricultural export. Morinda built a huge state-of-the-art processing facility right on the island of Tahiti, and has employed thousands of growers, harvesters, technicians, manufacturing agents and more on Tahiti and the surrounding islands. We are proud that we have made such positive difference in the lives of our family in Tahiti. </p> <p>Finally, let it be known that our theme of Tahitian Noni Strong stretches beyond the noni fruit to include every element of the noni tree: Fruit, seed and leaf. This year we will show you exactly what makes each element something to celebrate, and you will be blown away as we unlock the full potential of Tahitian Noni. You won't believe what we have in store.</p> <p>Are you Tahitian Noni Strong? We are. And in 2018 we're going to prove it. </p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[End-of-Year Starts Today]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5784277/End-of-Year Starts Today</link> <pubDate>Wed, 27 Dec 2017 00:00:00 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/Dk/DkbONG0iO24LkfiwQiiZ/end-sale-before_th.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5784277/End-of-Year Starts Today</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><strong><i>Get select products half off, starting today</i></strong></p> <p><strong><i><img width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/Dk/DkbONG0iO24LkfiwQiiZ/end-sale-day-of.jpg" /></i></strong></p> <p>Let's send off 2017 with a bang, shall we? And we happen to have the perfect way to do that: Morinda's end-of-year sale, starting today!</p> <p>From now through December 31, we're offering select products for 50 percent off. You never know when you'll see another sale this good, so there's no sense in holding off until later.</p> <p>The following products are discounted in half:</p> <ul class="unIndentedList"> <li> Tahitian Noni Essential Oils Holiday Blend</li> <li> AGE Therapy Daily Facial Cleanser</li> <li> AGE Therapy Original Lip Balm</li> <li> Focus</li> <li> Defense</li> <li> Colon Cleanse</li> <li> CoQ10</li> <li> Calcium Plus</li> <li> Whole Vitamin Plus</li> <li> Rapid Fuel</li> <li> Whole Food Blends Red</li> <li> Whole Food Blends Purple</li> </ul> <p>That is a fantastic group of products right there, and since they're all half off, you should consider stocking up big-time! </p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Psst... End Of Year Sale Coming!!]]></title> <link>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5796085/Psst... End Of Year Sale Coming!!</link> <pubDate>Fri, 22 Dec 2017 12:35:55 -0700</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://morinda.com/filestores/AX/AXRkhe5DUvGpMw0ySNwJ/end-sale-before_th.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://morinda.com/94309/en-us/news/5796085/Psst... End Of Year Sale Coming!!</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><strong><i>Morinda's end-of-year sale starts December 27</i></strong></p> <p><strong><i><img width="100%" src="https://morinda.com/filestores/AX/AXRkhe5DUvGpMw0ySNwJ/end-sale-day-of.jpg" /></i></strong></p> <p>Christmas is around the corner, but we have another present for you! Don't worry though - you don't have to wait a while to unwrap this latest surprise. I'm just going to reveal it right now - it's Morinda's end-of-year sale!</p> <p>During December 27-31, we're offering a variety of products for an incredible 50 percent off! So, if Santa didn't bring you any of these items this year, we've got you covered. And if you need a late gift idea for anyone you forgot to put on your shopping list, well, we've <i>still </i>got you covered.</p> <br />]]></description> </item> </channel> </rss>