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Jackie Lee’s TeMana Secrets: Miss Tahiti Makeover Challenge Pack

TeMana spokesperson Jackie Lee spends a lot of time on camera. Whether as an actress, TV personality or model, it's imperative that she not only looks her best, but feels her best. After all, confidence is just as important as having beautiful skin, hair and clothes.

That's one reason why she created the TeMana Lips Miss Tahiti Makeover pack. The TeMana Lips line comes in an incredible assortment of colors inspired by the tropical beauty of Tahiti. TeMana Lips isn't just another lipstick or other lip product; rather, it's Tahiti for your lips, and one can't help but feel confident and empowered when donning its numerous dazzling and vibrant shades. And you can bet that even Miss Tahiti herself - who knows a thing or two about beauty - loves TeMana Lips.

Developed with Italian-based cosmetics company, B.Kolor, TeMana Lips is truly one of a kind. Sure, there are countless other lip lines and products on the market, but this is the only one that incorporates the incredible health benefits of noni. Just think of it: each and every TeMana Lips products soothes and nourishes, ensuring your lips are always at their best.

By participating in the Miss Tahiti Makeover Challenge, you can expect:

  • Smoother, more kissable lips
  • Increased moisture
  • Healthier, more beautiful lips
  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem

TAKE THE CHALLENGE TODAY! Follow Jackie's regimen and you will love the results of your smooth, kissable, fabulous lips.

FREE GIFT! When you complete the Jackie's Miss Tahiti Makeover Challenge, you'll receive a free gift, hand-picked by Jackie Lee! 

RISK-FREE! We guarantee that you will absolutely love all the TeMana Lips products! If you're not satisfied for any reason simply return them within 90 days for a full refund! 


Miss Tahiti Makeover
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"I definitely love the lip treatment because it hydrates my lips and the moisture stays on all day!"  - Alida Mosely

"The Lip treatment is amazing because it helps my lips feel moist. This treatment helps keep all of the moisture in my lips and I love it! I like to use the lip gloss for when I go to special occasions. It is the perfect color for everyone!" - Lynn Toney

"The lip scrub makes my lips feel so smooth, and I Love it!" - Ann Holdman

"I really like TeMana Lips. It is very light. I love how it is not sticky when you rub your lips together. I love the shine. When I put the lip-gloss on, my lips stay moisturized throughout the whole day!" - Shantina Boone

"This is not like any other lipstick.... This keeps the moisture in your lips and keeps them moist. It's amazing!" - LaRonda Frazier


Here is what you get in Jackie's Miss Tahiti Makeover Pack:

  • TeMana Lip Scrub
  • TeMana Lip Treatment
  • Lip Shine - Merlot
  • Lip Gloss - Toasted Coconut
  • Lip Gloss - Tropical Pink
  • Lipstick - Sunset Rose
  • Lipstick - Red Volcano
  • Liquid Lipstick - Tahitian Tan
  • Liquid Lipstick - Mahana Mauve
  • Challenge Card - Your ticket to get your free gift

How to Use

To start Jackie's Miss Tahiti Makeover Challenge...

1.       Purchase the Miss Tahiti Makeover pack
2.       Register and submit your "before" photo at
3.       Join our private Facebook Group
4.       Use the product for 14 days
5.       Submit a photo of your favorite TeMana Lips "Look"  to receive your free gift