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Tahitian Noni Original

TNJ Noni™ Original (4 x 1L)
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Tahitian Noni™ Juice is an ideal source of naturally occurring manganese which helps protect cells from oxidative damage, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism. In order to provide your body with the right amount of this truly remarkable substance, we suggest you drink 60 ml a day and feel the difference for yourself.

Ancient tradition and modern research both testify of the power of noni. A must for those concerned with overall wellness.

Tahitian Noni™ Juice is impossible to duplicate. Our process — which includes harvesting techniques, quality assurance that begins in the field, extraction and stabilisation procedures, custom equipment and packaging techniques — is proprietary and absolutely exclusive.

Tahitian Noni™ Juice is the one and only original noni beverage on the European market.  Having acquired positive Novel Food authorisation first, TNI set the benchmark against which any new noni beverage manufacturer will be measured in Europe.  All other noni beverage products need to show that their product is of an equivalent standard to ours before they are permitted for sale within the EU.  TNI spent millions of GBP/EUROS and 3 years to be the first to bring noni to the European market as a Novel Food.  The application was made in April 2000 and through a rigorous safety assessment and scientific studies, the European Commission finally approved noni juice for sale in the European Union on the 5th June 2003.




Key ingredients include: morinda citrifolia fruit nectar from pure noni purée from French Polynesia 89%, natural grape juice-concentrate 5.5%, natural blueberry juice-concentrate 5.5%.

Not made from dried or powdered noni.