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Morinda Sample Box


NEW MAY BOX- Do you like a good value mystery? Well then a Morinda Sample box  is an item you need to take a peak at. We guarantee the price of this box will be less than the contents included.

Now the whole idea is that the contents are a surprise to you. Call us big kids, but we have this really great thought this box arrival to your door will be like waiting for your Birthday or perhaps Christmas to arrive. You'll get the box, run into the house huge smile on your face and you will break open your surpirse, Our goals is you'll even do a fist pump in celebration. 

To help you see an example value of the box, let us reveal what you was in our April Box!

1 x Anti-Glycation Conditioner, 1 x Tahitian Noni Essential Oil Energize Blend, 1 x Lip Treatment Sample, 2 x TeMana Skin Samples, 1 x Product Catalogue with a $10 discount! - Retail value of the contents in this box were well over $80!

Morinda Sample Box
Call AU 1800 008 791 or NZ 0800 443 064 for item availability
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"I just got my first Morinda Sample box and was so much fun to open the surprise box and the contents was worth so much more thant the price I paid" - Joan, Australia


"I love the Morinda Sample Box, I'm planning on getting on every month, this is a great way for me to try new products." - Janice, Australia


The Morinda Sample Box could be used a gift or introctory item to a new customer or perhaps as an existing member you are just looking to try something else other than our famous noni beverages. At the end of each month we are going to update our Morinda Sample box with an image of what was in the previous box so you can get idea of the cool factor on this box!

So the contents are a surprise, each month the box changes. But we can guarantee you these core essentials will be in every box:

1 x Full Size Morinda Product *

1 x $10 Discount Coupon

FREE delivery

*Excludes noni beverages

No QV or CV applies to this product.

How to Use

Open up the box, enjoy your surprise and get ready to experience our products.