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Calcium Plus

Calcium Plus
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Morinda Calcium+ provides the body with all essential minerals, including high-quality calcium which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and supports a healthy TruAge lifestyle.

Among all the benefits of calcium, the most important ones are that it aids in maintaining your bones and teeth. 

Calcium+ also contains Vitamin D which as well as being an essential vitamin in its' own right it also contributes to the normal absorption of Calcium, so it absorbs in to the body better. Although the body has the ability to make vitamin D, there are many reasons deficiency occurs but it is mainly from a lack of direct sunlight. This can significantly decrease the body's ability to absorb the UVB rays required to produce vitamin D. Specifically during the winter months, that is why people should aim to consume extra vitamin D from supplements whenever possible.

Taking 4 of these tablets daily will help the body get all the Calcium and Vitamin D needed to support a TruAge lifestyle.
  • Contains all daily recommended minerals, including calcium which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones
  • Formulated for maximum bioavailability
  • Added vitamin D2 to contribute the normal calcium absorption
These easy to swallow tablets are available as a months supply so you can enjoy benefits of taking a regular Calcium supplement as part of a healthy TruAge lifestyle. 

How to Use

Take four softgels daily


- VitaminD2
- Calcium
- Iron
- Iodine
- Magnesium
- Zinc
- Selenium
- Copper
- Manganese
- Chromium
- Molybdenum
- Noni Puree