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Gift Set Tahitian Noni Skin Supplement and Oatmeal Soap

Gift sets to suit your budget. This Holiday Season our goals is to provide you with affordable yet premium product gift sets. We have chosen our customer favourites and partnered them together to save you 50% off one of those items in the set.

If you would like us to gift wrap it and even throw in a surprise sample or accessory, email us at when you order is complete and we'll ensure to make it special! 

Skin Supplement and Oatmeal Soap Gift Set
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1 x Tahitian Noni Skin Supplement 200ml + Tahitian Noni Oatmeal Soap (2 bars, 172 g each)

The perfect combination of soothing noni based products for all skin types. 

Skin Supplement - Your skin is your body's first line of defense - make sure it recieves the nourishment it deserves. This easily-absorbed lotion pamperrs your skin with noni seed oil, a singular ingredient found only in Tahitian Noni products. Your whole family will enjoy the neutral scent and incredible results. 

Oatmeal Soap - Our natural soap is the perfect indulgence. The oatmeal formula is loved by customers worldwide and is perfect for the entire family. Features Noni Juice, Oatmeal and Aloe Leaf Juice.

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