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TeMana Lips Original Set with Display Box

TeMana Lips Original Set with Display Box
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When we think of beauty, we think of the flawless, unspoiled landscape of Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia. That was the inspiration for TeMana Lips, the next big thing from Morinda.

With products designed to care for, shape and beautify the lips, TeMana Lips provides a transformative beauty experience every woman must experience for herself. TeMana's lip treatment products will help your skin feel healthy and full, while our color line-with shades inspired by the unparalleled beauty of Tahiti-will give your lips a ravishing, brilliant glow.

The TeMana Lips LTO Pack is the perfect way to generate interest in this upcoming line. This pack is perfect for home or on the go discovery opportunitites.

Contents include:

  • Lip Scrub
  • Lip Treatment
  • Five Lipsticks (one for each color)
  • Five Lip Glosses (one for each color)
  • Five Liquid Lipsticks (one for each color)
  • Product display box